How to Book

STAGE 1: Make a Provisional Booking

Contact ESF Events via email at and, subject to availability, we will reserve your team(s) a place for up to 2 weeks free of charge.

STAGE 2: Register Your Team/Club

Download, complete and return the ESF 2023 Team Registration Form with the appropriate Team/Club Registration Fee, or call ESF Events on 01664 566360 to register your team over the phone. You will then be emailed a Confirmation of Booking. Please note, Team/Club Registration Fees are non-refundable for teams who cancel their booking.

Download ESF 2023 Registration Form

STAGE 3: Book Accommodation

Once registered, for teams attending festivals at Butlin’s, ESF Events will email the Group Leader a unique accommodation booking link for your team. Group Leaders simply forward this email to their parents, who can then book accommodation online, through the accommodation booking link.

For teams attending the Ayr festivals, the Group Leader will be emailed an accommodation booking form to book units for your whole party.

Your group will be given an accommodation booking deadline, which is normally 3 weeks after your registration has been accepted. A deposit of £30 per person is required to book accommodation. The final balance for accommodation is due 10 weeks before the festival.

IMPORTANT: Accommodation for your whole party, including players, families, coaches and supporters, must be booked through ESF Events. If members of your party book alternative accommodation, which is not through ESF Events, the team will not be permitted to participate in ESF 2023.