9 a side Football Tournaments

The ESF Festival of Football is the UK’s biggest grassroots youth football festival, with over 1000 girls and boys football teams from all over the UK joining us on tour each year at Butlin’s and Haven holiday resorts. To view the full details of the ESF youth football tournaments available this season, including information about the 9-a-side tournaments that are staged for U11 and U12 teams, as well as U12, U13 and U14 girls teams, please click here

As our children grow, they develop their football technique and understanding of the game by playing in smaller sides until they are ready to move towards the final adult sized teams.

But many coaches and football professionals believe that the step from five and seven a side football to the full 11 can often be just that bit too big.


This is why we include nine a side football tournaments in our football festivals, to enable youngsters to continue to build their confidence and understanding of football while moving on towards the larger team game.

Our nine a side football competitions still offer the same fast paced fun and excitement that comes with playing on a smaller side, but they enable youngsters to have a taste of what playing on a larger team is all about too.

Imagine the excitement of seeing your child score their first goal while playing for a slightly larger nine player side. Definitely one for the memory bank.


ESF 9 a side Football Tournament Information

The ESF football tours take place at destinations across the UK next year, so find out more about the places there are to choose from. You’ll be pleased to discover that wherever you live, there’s a football tournament taking place that’s never too far away.