Top tips on coaching your youth football team to victory!

Playing youth football can be a very exciting and rewarding pastime when you’re young, but it’s always 100 times better when you have a great coach. A coach who understands the game and is able to communicate information to their players in such a way that they will listen and understand will get the very best out of their players and the team.

A coach could have all of the experience in the world, but the only way they’re ever going to get their team to perform well is by ensuring they can communicate their knowledge and are respected by the players, who will then take on board everything they are saying.

To ensure you get the best results out of your team, here are our top tips on coaching your youth team to victory! 

Get their attention

The best way to start getting the attention of your youth team is by ensuring that you’re talking to them in the right environment. Don’t, for instance, choose somewhere where there are other distractions to occupy their minds, try to face the sun when you’re talking to them so they can see you while you speak. Make sure all eyes are on you before you start talking.

It’s always useful to remember when you’re coaching a youth football team that these are children you’re dealing with who have much shorter attention spans, so make sure you keep your talks to no more than three important points at a time, or you will run the risk of losing their interest.

Also, it helps if you are enthusiastic and engaging in what you’re talking about, as this is much likely to inspire a similar kind of response in your players.

Know your stuff

Having the respect of your players is essential for any coach working with a youth football team. Your players will be much more likely to listen to you if you’re perceived to be knowledgeable have expertise in the subjects you’re talking about. It’s important therefore that all youth football coaches are qualified. The Football Association regularly run courses that will assist you to develop your knowledge and skillset as a coach.

Another handy tip to keep youngsters engaged and give your sessions credibility is to make reference to the practices of famous football figures in your coaching sessions. You can refer to Premier League coaches and teams who may use similar training drills to those you’re using, or some of the World’s best players who are also constantly trying to improve.

Are your team ready for the next challenge? 

So you’ve worked out the best ways to communicate with your players and you’re seeing improvements on the pitch as a result of your coaching sessions, so are you ready for the challenge?

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