Tips to make a new football player feel welcome

When you’re a young footballer, it can sometimes be quite difficult to join a new group of people who already know each other and to get comfortable with a new team straight away. This is where a team coach can really come into their own.

With our years of football coaching experience in mind we’ve put together a list of tips to make a new football player feel welcome, because having a successful team is all about one which works well together, so try these useful tips when you have a new player on your hands and see if it helps.

Know your players

It’s obviously important to know where a player’s strengths and weaknesses lie on the pitch, however to get your players at their best it can also help to know what’s going on when they’re not kicking a ball. Find out about their individual personalities, their other interests and the things that make them tick, as this can help you to know how to get the best out of them on the field.

Being interested shows that you care enough about your team to want to discover the person behind the footie skills, which in turn should make them feel appreciated and motivate them to do their best. Encourage honesty, be approachable and practise clear communication to ensure that you really know the personalities on your team and therefore how to help them be successful.

All in it together

It can be human nature to move into smaller groups within a squad, especially if some of the players might know each other from elsewhere. Try and avoid cliques within your team and encourage them to function as one unit together. This again will not only mean new players are likely to feel more welcome, but it should also help the team to play better too.

Set your expectations

If a person knows where they stand and what is expected of them, then chances are they will find it easier to relax and be themselves. Be open and honest with a new player about what they should be doing and get them feeling like a valuable part of the team as soon as you can.  Let them have their say in team meetings to show that you value their thoughts and in turn help them to feel welcome from the start.

Grow their confidence

Once your new player feels confident and part of the team, it means you’re more likely to see a team that works well.  We’ve mentioned being honest, valuing a player’s contribution and getting to know them – all of these can build a new player’s confidence. Perhaps also look to pair them up with a more experienced member of the squad to help them learn what it’s all about straight away.

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