Our Individual’s Guide to Football Attacking Tactics

Ever at a loss of what to do when on the pitch? Not sure if you should play the ball or try to beat the man? Maybe you’re unsure if you should surge forward to support your teammate or hang back.

Don’t worry, these are all things everyone struggles with in youth football when learning the game. The good news is there are plenty of people to help, including your coaches and teammates.

Our individual’s guide to football attacking tactics could also be useful. With these points in mind, you’ll be a midfield general in no time at all!

General Tactics

  • Distribute the ball quickly, don’t let your players lose their markers for nothing.
  • Pass and move should be your mantra.
  • Always look for space and try and stay unmarked.
  • Avoid needless duels. It’s always better to beat a player with a good pass than try to dribble all the way around them.
  • Attack the ball. Move towards the ball to gain possession quickly, don’t wait for it to come to your feet.

Once you’ve passed the ball always try to:

  • Find space to give a teammate an option
  • Call for the ball so your teammate is aware you are open

Key Tactics

  • Always bring the ball under control. Don’t let it run past you (unless there is clear space ahead) as that can lead to loss of possession.
  • Out fox your opponents with quick bursts, feints and sudden changes of direction.
  • Look for your teammate who is in space! Don’t pass into a crowd of players.
  • Where possible, play the ball to the feet of your teammate.
  • If you’re going to dribble round a player, be confident! Half-hearted efforts will more often than not go wrong.
  • Make the pitch big! Cross field balls drag the players out of position.
  • Once you have passed the ball, always support a team-mate. Try to find space and if possible, get the wrong side of your opposite number so you’re goal side.

Keep it simple!

This is often the most effective tactic for teams. Pass and move and always look for the space. Always put the team first to be of the most use on the pitch. This is often the toughest thing to master but is a sign of a good player and a great team.

Get Your Tactics Right With ESF!

In the end, the best way to practice your tactics as an individual player and a youth football team is by getting lots of practice and game time! That’s why it makes sense to book you and your squad into one of our prestigious football tournaments at ESF. However, don’t hang around! The ESF Festival of Football in Skegness on 29 April – 2 May 2016 is already full.

Don’t panic though, there is still availability for youth football team of all abilities to join us for a great football tour and practice their skills at the ESF Skegness on 22-25 April 2016! It doesn’t matter if you’re a side based in Blackpool, Southport, Sunderland or the rest of the UK you can still get involved.

Get your coach to get in touch online or give us a call on 01664 566360 and we’ll answer any questions your team have got and get you booked in. We can’t wait for you to come and impress us with your football dribbling skills!