Football Festivals’ top tips on choosing a youth team captain

Heading up your youth football team can be a massively rewarding experience, especially when you can take your side to a big tournament and see the benefits of your leadership.

For any young person, it’s something to be proud of and doubtless a positive experience which they will never forget. While a whole variety of different personalities can make a good leader, there are a few abilities and qualities that can be useful to possess in order to be an effective and successful captain.

Here is a list of the Football Festivals’ top tips on choosing a youth team captain.

Our top tips

  • Good communicator – they need to be able to communicate confidently with both the players and the manager as well as being able to get their message across and understood.
  • Sense of fairness – this is one of the many things that will inspire confidence in and motivate the other players.
  • A good hold on their emotions – this is important in order to set a good example to other players on and off the pitch, will give them a clear head to make rational decisions and a better ability to read the game.
  • Good decision maker – can help to create and implement tactics and change them if they need to.
  • Work well under pressure – to have the maturity and level of focus which will enable them to make the right decisions when things get tough.
  • Confidence – because if they believe in themselves and their own ability, then the rest of the team are likely to also. This will mean they are more able to take criticism on board and handle it positively too.
  • Knows the squad – when a captain knows his or her players on and off the pitch then they will know how to approach them as individuals to get the best results out of them.
  • Ability to maintain good links between the players and the coach – again a skill which comes down to confidence, maturity and good communication.

Let your youth captain bring your football team to victory!

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