How Do You Choose The Right Football Boot?

There’s not much that you need to have a decent game of footie and this could be one of the reasons why people all over the place are having a go. From your back garden (or the living room), to the local park or school playground, it’s such an accessible sport that it’s easy to see why it’s loved by so many.

When it comes to youngsters having a kick about, a perfect goal can come from a couple of jumpers placed on the ground and a match can be played with just a few of your mates gathered together. The only vital piece of kit has to be the ball. But then, when playing gets a more regular thing and your youth player has started training with a team, then it’s also important to ensure they have the right footwear too.

When it comes to a vital piece of kit for a youth football player, then football boots and shin pads should be the first port of call. After all, it’s the legs and feet that get the most action in a game of footie, so it’s important to make sure they’re protected.

Shin pads are quite easy to choose and there are lots of good ones to pick from in sports stores and online. Really, it’s all about getting the size right with shin pads and ones that go over the feet are even better, but how do you choose the right football boot?

What should I look for?

If you ask your young player, then chances are they’re likely to be swayed by the colour or what their best mate or favourite footballer wears, when really it should be more of an individual choice. Some important things to include in your search and make sure you have right, include the following:

  • Right size and shape for the foot (as feet differ in shape and size and poorly fitting boots can become very uncomfortable, very quickly, leading to blisters and other injuries).
  • They’re the right kind for the position they play in (eg. defenders and goalies might wear stronger boots with a firmer grip).
  • Buy the best you can afford.
  • Make sure they’re comfortable and well made.
  • Make sure they’re light and supple in the places they need to be to allow the foot to move the way it should.
  • Have the correct soles for the kind of pitch you’re playing on.

What sort of soles should my football boots have?

The kind of football boots you should buy depend greatly on the surface you’re playing on. For instance, if it’s a wet, muddy pitch, you’ll need metal studs for extra traction, whereas an outdoor pitch in fine weather only needs moulded studs. On Astroturf you don’t need any studs at all, but instead, you may wish to go for more textured, dimpled soles, so, as you can imagine, choosing the right sole, as well as comfort and quality is a must.

Now You’ve Got The Right Boots, Join The Tour!

Now that your player has the right boots and the desire to play, then there’s nothing stopping them getting involved. And with tournaments taking place all over the country next year, why not give them even more of an opportunity to put their skills to the test by joining the tour?

To find out more about the ESF Football Festivals taking place next year, get in touch with us today!