The benefits of playing youth football

We all know that it’s important to stay fit and active for our general health and wellbeing in both mind and body. With Government statistics showing a concerning rise in childhood obesity throughout the UK, it’s important that we encourage our children to stay active and engage in physical activity. Fitness is one of the key benefits of getting young people involved in fun sporting activities, such as playing youth football. Children can start playing football with a junior club from as young as four or five year old, carrying on all the way into adulthood. As well as the positive impact on your health, there are lots of reasons why joining a youth football team is a great thing to do for a child. Below are just a few of the benefits of playing youth football:

The benefits

Making friends – joining a youth football team will give a child the chance to forge friendships with their team mates that can last a lifetime.

Build self confidence – a great way for children to gain confidence is through doing something they love with their friends. When a child is part of a football team they can develop a strong friendship group and a real sense of belonging. Children can gain confidence as their ability develops and the team experiences success on the pitch.

Improve communication – to be successful on the pitch a team must work well together, which means communicating with each other when playing and passing the ball.

Building parent/child bonds – football is an opportunity to share something that you both love.

Improve social skills – when playing as part of a team, children can learn how to communicate with each other and with adults such as coaches and referees.

Increased energy – playing sport regularly will generally give a child more energy, which in turn can lead to greater stamina and physical ability, and improved mental agility.

Greater focus – playing regularly for a youth football team is a positive addition to a child’s routine, giving them something healthy and enjoyable to focus on.

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A great way to develop confidence and boost team morale is by taking your team away on tour and letting the team participate in a youth football festival. They can meet and compete against teams from different areas and backgrounds and have a weekend of football and fun while they’re at it.

The ESF Festival of Football is the biggest youth football tournament in the UK, with over 1100 youth football teams of all ages and abilities from all over Europe take part every year. So, if your team is ready, why not join us at ESF and give your players an experience they’ll never forget?

Not only is it a chance to play the sport they love on larger competitive scale, but the atmosphere around the pitches at the football tournaments is positively buzzing! It’s an experience your players will remember together for years to come.

The ESF festivals, which are attended by around 35,000 people, are staged at some fantastic holiday locations all over the UK – and there’s even one at Disneyland Paris, so good times are guaranteed. Going away on tour as a team is an opportunity to reinforce the key benefits of playing youth football and have some fun as a family at the same time.

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