7 a side football tips.

You might have seen our earlier blog on how to be successful at 5 a side football? Well, now you’ve taken our advice and conquered the smaller pitch, are your sights set on making the step up to 7 aside football?

At, ESF football, we put on some of the most prestigious 7 aside football tournaments across the country and further afield. So, check out our website and book today!

Then make sure you study our 7 a side football tips so you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to succeed at one of our tournaments.

Recap of the Basics

Just so you don’t forget the basics in the 5 aside blog, we’re giving you a recap of the basics so you have no excuse when you step out onto the bigger pitch! You will have a bit more time and space in 7 aside football than those 5 aside games but it doesn’t mean you can get sloppier in terms of your touch and passing.

Keep your head up
We know you’ve been getting better at playing with the ball at your feet and your head up, so keep it up! Practice, practice, practice and you’ll be able to see the pass you want to make much earlier than players who have to look at the ball. This will leave you more time to put in that perfectly weighted through ball that sets your mate free.

More often than not, to feet!
We might’ve just mentioned that perfectly weighted through ball, but the chances are that that won’t be on most of the time. With the smaller pitches you will want to be hitting it to feet most of the time. The movement once you’ve played the pass is crucial. Get yourself into space and be ready to receive the ball again. It won’t be long!

High Tempo
A slight change to our last blog but an equally as important tip. All the best teams play with a high tempo, look at any decent PL team. If you can, work on keeping the ball moving between your teammates quickly. Practice drills help with this a lot. It’s so good because it opens up pockets of space your teammates can move into and work a scoring a position.

Picking the Right Formation

Much the same as 5 aside, picking the right formation to suit you and your teammates is a great start. Here’s a run-down of some of the favourites you see a lot and the main pro and con of each. Have a read and see what’s best for you. Try a few out in practice and before long you’ll be out thinking your opposition as well as out playing them.

The Most Popular – 2-3-1
The 2-3-1 is by far and away the most popular formation and what you most often see on the pitch. There’s nothing wrong with that though. It’s big on midfielders which are expected to work hard in both defence and attack and is one of the most flexible in terms of attacking threat and defensive cover. The reason why it is so popular.
Pro – Lots of attacking cover / versatility in attack.
Con – Lots of emphasis on midfielders who need to have bags of pace/stamina

The Defensively Minded ‘Tree’ – 3-2-1
More defensive than the most popular, 2-3-1 it gives your team a much more solid defense. This provides a good base with which to build an attack on in any 7 aside football tournament. In some of the more prestigious tournaments such as our own at ESF football festivals you will come up against some great teams. This formation will allow you to stay strong under pressure, and as long as your wingbacks have got good engines you should still be able to get up the pitch quickly.

Pro – Useful when playing against better/faster teams.
Con – Possible lack of attacking support & width when going forward.

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Now you’ve got all the 7 aside football tips you need to succeed at one of our quality 7 a side football tournaments. Contact us to find out more or book online today! Then all that’s left to do is practice, practice, practice and you’ll be one step closer to lifting the trophy!