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You may have a youngster who is mad about football, or perhaps you are a big fan of the beautiful game yourself and would like to pass on that love to future generations by teaching children how to play. If you’ve considered becoming a youth football coach for the first time, it can be a massively rewarding experience, but if you’re totally new to it, you might be wondering where to begin.

When you’re just getting started, there are some things to bear in mind for a first time coach which should set you up for a good experience from the start and in turn, give you the tools to ensure the best experience for your players.

Ten tips for first time youth football coaches

  • The most important skill a coach can have is the ability to get their players’ interest and keep it. This can be done by keeping them active, focused and engaged.
  • Put some diversity into the things you do, avoid too much repetition, have plenty of things to do and avoid giving the players opportunities to become bored.
  • Have a goal and structure for every practice (for instance, passing or shooting) and share this with your players at the start. This should give them direction and you can refer to it throughout the practice.
  • Get parents involved. Are there things the young players can practice at home? Perhaps parents could help out from time to time during practice?
  • Know your players. Greeting them by name from the start will help to make them feel welcome and involved.
  • End the practice on a positive note. Let your players go away feeling that you are pleased with them and they will be keener to return.
  • Consider prizes/ man of the match shirt/ trophies for players who have performed particularly well at the practice and award them at the end with high fives all round from the team.
  • Try and spread out the praise, picking up on something a different player does well from time to time, instead of praising the same ones constantly.
  • Talk to other coaches. Maybe they have been in the game for longer and can offer advice, or perhaps you could share tips?
  • Consider a team cheer, or something similar that you can make your own. It will help to make your players feel part of something special and be another factor which could help them to bond.

Are you ready for a tournament?

If you have well and truly got into football coaching and your team has bonded and is doing well, then perhaps you could consider a football tournament to give them a challenge which will be exciting and fun?

To find out more about the 2017 ESF Football Festivals, take a look at our website and discover more about the range of tournaments that we have going on at exciting venues across the UK and even at Disneyland Paris. Then book your place today, before spaces run out for 2017.

If you have some more questions or cant find what you’re looking for then get in touch with us and we will answer any of your questions.

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